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Everyone knows that coconut oil is simply a current fad, a so-called health gimmick with a sexy label that maybe plays on images of exotic coconut trees swaying in a sultry sea breeze to the background melody of African jazz, whereas in reality it has little nutritional value and no real take-home value, right?

Wrong sister. On all accounts. In fact just the opposite is true, and as interestingly it now has a scientific cousin sittaing in it’s corner. Quite a big cousin for that matter, who appears to be growing stronger by the week. Coconut oil as it turns out, is in fact exceptionally good for you and very nutritious indeed, being rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

OK but seriously what are the benefits of coconut oil and as importantly have these been proven?

The answer might surprise you. In a nutshell, or a coconut shell, the reasons why you should be using this purported miracle oil are as follows:

1) It contains Medium Chain Triglycerides which have proven therapeutic benefits on brain disorders like epilepsy and Alzheimer’s, and remarkably, these MCTs have been proven to increase daily energy expenditure by as much as 5%, potentially leading to significant weight loss over the long-term. So it is official, eating coconut oil helps burn fat, with appropriate scientific supporting evidence to boot.

2) Coconut fat is good for your heart. Somewhat in similar fashion to the mystery of why a French population who consumes vast quantities of red wine and cheese seem somewhat immune to heart disease, South Pacific cultures who consume disproportionate large volumes of coconut produce, where it is used both from a dietary perspective and as a critical ingredient in traditional medicine, have similarly been seen to suffer from remarkably low incidents of heart disease. It simply appears to possess powerful healing properties way beyond the basic nutritional value it imparts. It is not surprising that coconut trees are often referred to as the Tree of Life in South Seas cultures.

Recent research has also demonstrated that the saturated fats in the oil increases HDL (good) cholesterol levels whilst simultaneously acting to reduce Total and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels.

3) The fatty acids characteristic of coconut oil are friends with benefits.  [Coconut] They have a multitude of positive spin-offs for us, starting with a significant bactericidal effect on certain pathogenic bacteria and yeast (for example the gram positive Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans, the latter which causes the common thrush), potentially helping to avoid and reduce microbial infections. In addition these fatty acids positively influence our sense of satiety, and as a consequence the overall reduced appetite in people has the propensity to positively influence their body weight management, in particular when it comes to reducing abdominal fat. A further benefit of the fatty acid profile is that research now suggests that the fatty acids assist in relieving mild symptoms in Alzheimer’s patients.

4) Apart from combating heart diseases coconut oil has also been shown to assist in counteracting the symptoms of diabetes Type 2 by improving the cells ability to respond to insulin in the bloodstream, thereby better managing insulin resistance. In addition coconut oil has been seen to support healthy thyroid function.

5) Coconut oil also has very real cosmetic benefits and is commonly used as a lip and skin protector and moisturizer, hair care in terms of hair protection and the management of dandruff and lice, and as a natural form of sunscreen.

If you are not sold by now you never will be. Having said that what do you have to lose, apart from unwanted weight and unhealthy fat? Do your health and your heart a favour and make coconut oil part of your lifestyle. Even Professor Tim Noakes recommends 2 tablespoons daily of coconut oil.

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