Build Stronger Bones and Lead An Active Life


Step-By-Step Plan Self-Guided

  • Everything You Need In One Place. Save money and time getting the right stronger bones plan in place for you.
  • Easy-To-Navigate Online Training Hub. Access anywhere, anytime, any device. Simple to use for even those not well-versed in technology.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance. Address bone loss, build bone strength, prevent fracture and injury.
  • Based On Science & Simplicity. This program is not based on anecdotes. We take the latest research, and make it actionable for you.
  • Exclusive Bone Health Trainings. Video and audio trainings that focus you only on the things that will help you make progress.
  • Convenient Downloads, PDF’s, & Checklists. User-friendly tools to help you stay organized, get confident, understand labs, and support doctor conversations.
  • Strong Bones Baseline Assessment. Personalized “success” score to show exactly what YOU need to improve.
  • Personalized Program Roadmap. Based on your assessment results, we’ll show you exactly where to place your focus first.
  • Bonus #1: FREE Lifetime Access to the portal. Go back and revisit trainings at any point down the road. Normally $588/year after 12 weeks but FREE when you enroll TODAY ONLY!
  • Bonus #2: FREE “Sleep For Strong Bones” Mini Course to finally master your sleep. Normally $99, but we’ll add it for free when you enroll TODAY ONLY!
  • Bonus #3 FREE Live Zoom Call w/ BoneCoach™ Success Coach. Receive an email to book a live call with us after you enroll. Normally $299, but we’ll add it free when you enroll TODAY ONLY!
  • Option To Upgrade Anytime. Upgrading to higher-level, more personalized, live coaching support with the BoneCoach™ Team is only available to paid members of this self-guided Stronger Bones Solution Program. Upgrading is easy, entirely optional, and we can share more details with you after you enroll if you’re interested!

We put decades of our combined
experience and expertise to work
on your behalf…

So that you can:

  • Gain clarity and direction
  • Eliminate confusion and misinformation
  • Enjoy greater certainty
  • Avoid needless struggle
  • Have confidence in your plan

Personalized Program Roadmap

We’ll outline a personalized path forward for you based on your own assessment scores! No need to wonder if you’re focusing on the right things for you, we’ll make sure you address your highest priorities first to help you get on the path to addressing bone loss and building bone strength sooner.

As you begin following your Personalized Roadmap through the program, these are the exact things you’ll learn along the way… HERE

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