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Indian art

In the childhood Umesh enjoy to go to his uncle’s provision store. He was sitting there for whole day. Giving things to the customer. His uncle always advises him about small business. Telling him that if any customer is continuously taking things from his shop and not giving back money, then we must have to stop to give them things. From his shop some people were taking some grocessory with credit. But so many are giving back money without demanding it in a fixed time. But there is a Madhav who was his neighbor buying some grocessory since so many months but not paying bill. Every time when they will demand them back money, he was telling 100 reasons or telling definitely I will give this month. Now uncle has stopped to give grocessory from this month. http://chhayaonline.com/2020/09/14/my-blogging-journey-blogging-1/

After some days Madhav again came in the shop and telling ‘’ Chachaji, today is Diwali, in my home there is no any sweets also no any grocessory to make sweet. My kids are crying for sweet, no any money in the pocket, how can we celebrate Diwali.? How can I tell you to give me grocessory without money? As already I have so many credits with your shop, how can I pay you? How can I celebrate Diwali with them? Now Umesh uncle says, ‘’Instead talking more, first tell us what you want? First take ghee, flour, Sooji, and another important grocessory, and go, make your Diwali happy, celebrate it with your family. We will chat remaining chatting after Diwali.
Madhav went his home with some grocessory meanwhile Umesh asked to his uncle, already he had so many amounts back with past month, then how did you have given again so much grocessory? Instead he has to not give any grocessory. Now his uncle told, ‘’Umesh, you are a foolish, you know in the festival season so many are eating a lot of sweets, enjoying a lot, bringing clothes, gold, things, etc. and if he will not celebrate Diwali, can God will forgive us? Are we will get any happiness? Then Umesh told, but you have taught me lesson that if we will not get money back in time, we didn’t have to give them grocessory.


Profit -loss is the part of business, sometimes we have to be force to get amount. But, profit- loss is not greater than any surrender person and difficult time. If any person has to surrender, and have difficult situation we must have to forgive him and work with our culture. 


We are spending a lot for so many other activities or other good activities but instead if we will give some money or grocessory who is in trouble for some days. Any way we will get back money and if will not get back then think that we have given our grocessory for good purpose or we have donated it. We also think that our help has reached to the needy person. This is not the less profit business. Instead we will get anywhere our profit. God is taking our exam with like this person.
This is also one form of profit, Umesh understand and he became very happy. Then he decided to become as like his uncle and always ready to help to the needy people.


Conclusion: Reality is that business of profit is that, only we have to profit instead front person also get profit and happiness. We must have to understand that, for our small achievement we didn’t have to care of profit and loss. Instead helping to the front needy person is the best profit for business, Gurunanak also have done same type of business. In the real profit there is no any way of profit and loss.

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