Leveraging Patient Engagement solutions for Health and Fitness Professionals

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body but also the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”

John F. Kennedy

Like every other professional in the health industry, fitness professional’s like- yoga instructors, dieticians, fitness instructors, etc. also have a big responsibility when it comes to enhancing care delivery and health outcomes.

The time has gone where it was just about a job; today it is service that matters. Talking about healthcare, it is demanding to go beyond the boundaries of physical practice. Using digital tools to better understand what clients/members are looking for is the need of the hour. All this put in place improves the overall patient experience.

The health & fitness industry is an ever-changing environment, with new trends and innovations emerging every day. People are often looking for a more personal experience and care, as opposed to the gruelling process of going to a hospital for their wellness needs.

To make sure they are not losing clients to this ‘new kid on the block’ or false WhatsApp trends/ forwards, health professionals are gearing up their game and investigating ways that will help them engage better.

Patient Engagement

Online care is the new era of businesses. People are more comfortable doing businesses with companies that have a reputation to uphold. Online care is just one way of maintaining the relationship with customers and reaching out to new ones. In fact, many people prefer dealing with professionals who have a digital presence.

Talking about the healthcare industry, it has become very competitive, and sustainment can be a challenge. Achieving client satisfaction is one of the most desired but overlooked aspects, not because professionals don’t care but mostly due to lack of time and awareness with respect to the available tools. However, keeping clients engaged can prove to be a systematic solution.

Having said that, client engagement starts from the very first point where they decide to avail your services to the point where they simply follow you on social media after the collaboration ends. End-to-end engagement, communication, and most importantly an open channel for feedback make it a personal and desirable experience.

The Online Patient Engagement

Achieving a better patient experience or client experience is not something that should be left to chance. All the actions taken by health & fitness professionals should be deliberate, mindful, and purposeful.

There are many ways to engage with patients. To start with, have a clear understanding of their needs and create strategies that match those needs.

This is where the patient engagement solutions come into play. They ease the teething part of building and enhancing clients’ experience with their fitness studio.

Just that you know, Patient Engagement is not just limited to literally patients but can be applied to Client Engagement too. It is as much true to the people seeking care from fitness professionals.

For example, one strategy that has proven to be effective for engaging with patients is discussion forums. It gives them an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback about their healthcare services in a safe environment. Such community building/forms hold various advantages as people with similar fitness goals/issues can open up about their challenges.

The Patient Engagement in Health and Fitness Industry

  • The online presence

Many fitness professionals have already started building their presence online to promote their fitness classes, yoga workshops, and other related activities. It has become a need of the hour to connect with potential and existing clients on various digital platforms. Online presence makes it convenient/possible to connect with clients even across geographical boundaries which helps in reaching out to more customers and works better economically.

  • Keep-in-touch / Constant Communication

Clients who are engaged in the process of their journey with their therapist, doctor, or any fitness industry professional are more likely to be satisfied and also renew their contract. Communication is the key to making the program personal, engaging, and satisfying with better outcomes/results. It facilitate patient satisfaction & gives insights to patient experience on a regular basis.  

Patient engagement solutions – Key to achieve the above 2 needs

Patient engagement solutions offer impactful and interactive experiences for patients. Apart from social media, interaction on patient engagement platforms can be done through various streams which empowers you to reach out to more clients irrespective of which communication stream they like. It allows providers to reach out to patients via Whatsapp, the most beloved of all, & of course, text messaging, e-mail, or even face-to-face conversations.

Patient engagement is the key to enhancing medical practice & patient care. Gauging its importance patient engagement solution providers like Nth sense gives you with the most result-oriented patient engagement solutions.

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