Sugar Addiction

– Symptoms, Causes, and How to Break Free What is Sugar Addiction? This article first appeared on Sweetdefeat. The latest health and fitness trends all seem to relate to some kind of a cleanse in order to change something about your diet. Typically, a cleanse is used to assist in purging sugar or other so-called … Continue reading Sugar Addiction


Iron Dream - Fruit Punch (30 servings)     DREAM BIG, GROW BIG.® Improves Sleep Cycles; Maximizes Anabolic Environment; Enhances Deep Restful Sleep for Maximum Growth and Recovery.* The harder you train, the bigger, stronger and faster you become— but you also need proper nutrition and the correct internal physiologic environment. Sleep is the key … Continue reading MusclePharm

Fitness Tips x 5

5 top Fitness Tips Older male sparing for fitness Hydration is the key! Drinking fluids in general will help you keep healthy. A hydrated body delivers more energy, improved stamina and alertness.  If weight loss is your particular goal, drinking ice water burns extra calories due to the body having to warm up to counter temperature … Continue reading Fitness Tips x 5

Appetite Control

Appetite Control Products For Diet And Weight Management Weight gain makes you experience a low self-esteem and you always feel as if you want to justify your extra pounds to people. You blame your weight gain to age, stress and many other factors, but funnily enough, you never lay the blame on yourself. Yes, just … Continue reading Appetite Control