Weird but real & interesting teeth facts excerpted from one’s dental marketing

‘’Behind every smile there are teeth’’

The importance of oral care is known to all. However, do you know the hacks of this care? There are certain crazy & less-known fun facts about teeth. From chomping your favourite food to modelling for a photograph with that valuable smile (ear to ear at times), your teeth are the hero.

Well. How well do you know this hero?

This blog shall share below 8 fascinating realities about your teeth, we bet you didn’t have any idea! This list is curated by Dr. Suvidh Virmani, Consultant Prosthodontist & Implantologist for you to understand the facts beyond myths. He is best in patient engagement activities and this is one of his ways of educating people with the right information. This way, his patients experienced an  ease in getting the information they needed that too in a creative and easy to understand manner. This gesture eventually helps the patients involved make a better decision.

Here is an introduction to some of the information you will be amazed to know. Let us begin with a tasty fact!

  1. Cheese can actually safeguard your teeth!

To put it in dentistry terms, cheese makes a defensive layer around your teeth which kills the corrosive in plaque. Wondering how? Well, cheese is incredible for your teeth as it contains undeniable degrees of phosphate and calcium which helps in normally fortifying teeth and bones.

  1. Teeth staining can be prevented

Healthy eating never goes to waste! Eating a leafy salad or steamed vegetables creates a natural protective barrier over your teeth. You can use this as a tool before the main meal & keep away the staining. Leafy vegetables are packed with fibres & it takes longer to chew leafy vegetables. The longer you chew, the level of saliva generated in your mouth is increased which acts as a teeth cleaner.

  1. Did you realize teeth start to form in the womb?

The tooth buds (initial development of the teeth & gum structure) of the primary i.e. baby teeth are formed by the second week of the conception itself.

  1. Your teeth are just yours like your fingerprint- Unique!

Studies have found that the formation of human teeth is as unique as fingerprints. Thus, they can be used for forensic purposes to some extent. For that matter, even the tongue has its own unique formation.

  1. In your entire body, amongst the rest, teeth are the hardest

The enamel is a rock-hard mineral! Maybe that’s why it is said that a smile is the strongest weapon!

  1. Dried fruit is worse, yes you read that right!

The drying process of dry fruits releases their free sugars unknowingly contributing to a buildup of plaque.

Oh, not all dried fruits are bad for your teeth! Raisins are exceptional; they contain a compound that helps fight tooth decaying bacteria.

  1. Brushing needs a waiting period because timing matters!

People have a habit of immediately brushing their teeth after meals. However, doing so within even half an hour of eating certain foods can actually damage enamel. Well, because at such times, your enamel is softer.

So what to do to avoid the odor in your breath? Simply gargle!

  1. Change in toothbrush after every cold keeps the re-infection at bay.

Germs don’t go away easily, they can hide in your favourite toothbrush too! So you must change your toothbrush while recovering from any type of cold.

In fact, even in general you should change it every 3 months.

Ever thought there could be so much about teeth?

Well, now that you have discovered so many dental facts, take care of them in time.

Considering the dental industry, dental marketing has set its foot. Sharing authentic health information becomes crucial in order to keep a check on the unchecked forwards that a patient may receive. Moreover, it eliminates the chances of the circulation of this unverified tip in his/her peers. After All, such scenarios create an unwanted situation. Patient engagement platforms like Nth Sense happen to be a friend of both- doctors and patients that enable them to avoid such scenarios and make healthcare a happy place.

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